ANASA x Eden

When our 6-year-old daughter, Eden, expressed an interest in jewelry making, we immediately sprung into action, buying supplies and weeks of late nights learning various techniques in order to teach her the trade. She was a swift learner & soon after created her first pieces, which were inspired by our "Decolonize" collection. For the time being, her collection will be parked here until her sales grow enough to support the hosting of her own site. 
These are handmade from polymer clay, and therefore may vary slightly in color and size. All pieces are one of a kind. There may be slight imperfections such as fingerprints from the artists hands, bubbles, texture, etc... But nothing that detracts from the overall quality of the earrings. Clean any dirt or stains using a baby wipes or a damp cloth and handle with care! You will love the lightweight feel of your pieces. 
Hypoallergenic stainless steel backing & sealed with UV resin.
Thanks for supporting our little budding artist. 
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